Mezzanine & Term Loans

The job growth in the greater Bay Area – combined with a lack of housing – has pushed rent prices far beyond the growth of incomes. As a result, too many of our neighbors are severely rent-burdened, and every saved or created affordable home matters. Our solutions can help teachers, EMTs, machinists and others find a place in our region to call home.

How It Helps

Mezzanine loans can provides financing for stabilized multifamily properties in the greater Bay Area. The loan term can be up to ten years and the amount borrowed can be up to $5 million although larger loans can be considered for projects that meet the appropriate credit profile. Learn more about Quail Run – a project we helped with a Mezzanine loan – here.

Getting Started

Review the Mezzanine Loans Term Sheet.

Every loan starts with a conversation, please reach out to our lending team to see how we can help.

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