Accessory Dwelling Unit Program

Small Homes, Big Impact is a new pilot program from Housing Trust offering free educational workshops and financial assistance to homeowners seeking to build a secondary dwelling – commonly known as an accessory dwelling unit – in their backyard.

Homeownership Assistance

Housing Trust provides loans to low and moderate income homebuyers in Silicon Valley in the form of low-interest second mortgages and downpayment assistance. Visit our homebuyer calendar to see monthly scheduled workshops and HUD approved homebuyer education classes.

Multifamily Loans

One of the largest nonprofit lenders in the region, Housing Trust provides loans to nonprofit developers constructing or rehabilitating affordable multifamily rental housing for seniors, working families, the homeless and people with special needs.

Homelessness Prevention and Assistance

The Finally Home Grant Program replaces other homeless assistance grant programs administered by the Housing Trust in previous years. This program provides assistance to individuals and families moving from homelessness or unsuitable housing into permanent sustainable housing in the form of Security Deposit Assistance Grants.

Guardino Affordable Housing Scholarship 

The Guardino Affordable Housing Scholarship is a $3,000 award given out to four high school seniors living in affordable housing and attending college as freshmen after graduation. The application period is usually May to June. 

Neighborhood Stabilization Program 

Housing Trust Silicon Valley was awarded $25 million in NSP2 funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). To date, NSP2 has created 313 affordable homes, including 93 new homeowners, and 220 affordable rental homes, including 18 permanent supportive housing apartments for those with special needs. 

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