The Gartman and Guerrero Family

The Challenge: Safe and Stable Housing for a Family of Nine

After living in their home for 10 years, a sudden rent increase forced Daniel Gartman, Nicole Guerrero and their seven children out of their San Jose home. They moved to a new neighborhood, where their childrens’ safety became a concern, as gang activity was on the rise.

The Solution:

Daniel found steady employment in San Jose, which, combined with a security deposit grant from Housing Trust’s Finally Home Program and other wrap-around services, allowed him to secure an apartment for his family in a safe neighborhood. Their new apartment complex also offered on-site childcare so Nicole was able to return to work.

“I love knowing that my family is safe,” Daniel said. “I can take my family on walks without being concerned for their safety. We lived in a really bad neighborhood and wanted to move a long time ago but didn’t have the means to do so. Thanks to your organization, we were finally able to take that step.”

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