Paseo Senter Apartments

The Challenge:

The high cost of housing in San Jose creates a barrier to people of limited income, many of whom currently work in the area or have grown up in this community. This economic reality can force low- and moderate-income households to seek housing elsewhere or to devote an unreasonable proportion of their incomes for housing. Affordable rental and ownership housing units are central to maintaining community character and diversity.

The Solution:

Charities Housing Corporation was established in 1993 with a commitment to developing and managing affordable housing and strives to create developments that contribute positively to communities. The Paseo Senter apartments, developed by Charities Housing Corporation and funded in part by a $500,000 loan from Housing Trust Silicon Valley, provides 218 affordable rental homes and supportive services such as child care and after-school programs to low-income residents of San Jose. 

Paseo Senter was home to one Housing Trust Silicon Valley’s 2013  Guardino Scholarship winners, Ngoc Vo. Ngoc and her family moved from Vietnam to San Jose during her childhood. After moving several times, they settled at Paseo Senter, which served Ngoc’s family well as an affordable and comfortable home while she studied, volunteered, and participated in extracurricular activities in high school. Now at UC Irvine, Ngoc hopes to continue her education and follow a career in medicine. 

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