Dear Neighbor,

As we all face the turmoil caused by COVID-19 and renewed purpose to reverse the impacts of systemic racism, we are resolute in our belief that safe, stable and affordable housing opens the doors to better lives for everyone. We are also unwavering in our commitment to action to bring equity and justice to housing in the greater Bay Area.

The partnerships we formed, the alliances we strengthened, and twenty years of financing affordable housing experience are among the tools we have to face what is in front of us. This era highlights the importance of housing as healthcare and shines a light on housing’s central role in social and racial equity. The pandemic strengthens our resolve to engage partners like Google, Apple, and others to join us to invest in affordable homes. The pandemic does increase the need for secure housing — and we are here to face the challenge.

We’re leading with community lending and helping others help those disproportionately affected by these crises. We’re still lending to multifamily developers to help our neighbors experiencing homelessness live in safe and healthy apartments. We’re still helping families throughout the County of Santa Clara buy a home thanks to Empower Homebuyers SCC. And we’re broadening our imperative work centering race and equity in our lending and educating our team to identify and dismantle the legacies of racism in housing.

While this is usually the time we pause to reflect and celebrate our collective achievements, this year, we cannot afford to pause. The cumulative effects of the impact we’ve made together — the grand openings and groundbreaking, families who are thrilled that their apartment will stay affordable — must just be a starting point. We must do more.

Over twenty years ago, Housing Trust was founded in the dot-com boom and bust to meet the housing needs in that moment and later rose to the challenges of the Great Recession and Foreclosure Crisis. And now, we are scaling to face the needs of the current housing crisis. We are meeting this new challenge and we are grateful to continue working with all of you.

Craig Robinson, Board Chair

Craig Robinson – Housing Trust Silicon Valley Board Chair


We believe safe, stable and affordable housing opens the door to better lives for everyone.


Our Impact

SINCE 2000...

$335 million

invested in affordable housing


housing opportunities created


people helped

$4.8 billion

leveraged by our partners


We believe our communities are more diverse, sustainable, and vibrant when everyone has a safe, stable and affordable place to live. To make this possible, our programs support a range of regional affordable housing needs.

After losing her home in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, Annie spent years on the street and in shelters before finding a home at Second Street Studios in San Jose. She and other residents tend to the garden on site. “I haven’t been able to stop smiling ever since moving in,” she told us. “It’s a whole new world, a whole new life. I can’t even describe how it feels!”

Work in Progress:

Housing Trust and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

It’s been over two years since Housing Trust started an ad hoc diversity, equity and inclusion group. Since then, our Board of Directors has provided us with resources and support — including the creation of a DEI Committee of their own — to better allow Housing Trust to move from statements of support to action with results.

An assistant principal at Branham High School and a single dad, Justin dreamed of having a home for his kids – ages five and six – to live and grow. He was able to afford one close to his school thanks to Empower Homebuyers SCC. “Being closer to work and having more time with my kids is phenomenal,” he told us.


Great minds tackle big challenges in the greater Bay Area, and if we can solve affordable housing here, we can lead the way for solving the housing crisis anywhere. By maximizing investments in safe, stable and affordable housing, we can collectively sustain our workforce, which strengthens communities.

“Building affordable housing is an incredibly challenging endeavor, but Housing Trust Silicon Valley was a key partner who helped us get across the finish line. We're grateful for our partnership and their help with creating more safe, decent, affordable homes in our community.”Satish Rishi, CEO, Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay. Housing Trust provided a $1 million loan to support construction of 11 affordable homes in Santa Cruz

Financial Report

Villas on the Park

At the grand opening of Villas on the Park – an 83 home permanent supportive housing development in San Jose. Our Developer Financing team made a $1 million predevelopment loan, and our Homelessness Prevention and Assistance program provided security deposits for 78 of the 83 residents.

Laura Jones, a schoolteacher with San Jose Unified, was able to purchase a home with help from Empower Homebuyers SCC. She couldn’t keep pets in where she was living before, and now volunteers with Guide Dogs for the Blind.Laura Jones with Pistachio the dog


Be part of the solution

Join us in funding programming that helps build affordable, sustainable, and vibrant communities.


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