Great minds tackle big challenges in the greater Bay Area, and if we can solve affordable housing here, we can lead the way for solving the crisis anywhere.

By maximizing investments in safe, stable and affordable housing, we can collectively sustain our workforce, which strengthens communities. Invest today and be part of the housing solution in our region.

Housing Trust’s TECH Fund was unveiled in March 2017. Since then…


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Companies want to give back to their communities, yet they often have limited philanthropic funds. What if your company could give back and get more in return? Solving the affordable housing crisis is an investment that offers both: giving people in your community places to live they can afford and a triple bottom line return to your company. Plus, it sustains our most valuable resource – people – right here in our communities and near our companies. 

Housing Trust’s TECH Fund is doing just that, harnessing the collective resources of the high-tech sector, large employers, and philanthropists who want to create strong investment in our region. By maximizing investments in safe, stable, and affordable housing, we collectively sustain our workforce, which strengthens communities.

Become a part of the solution by joining Housing Trust as an investor today. 

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Investors can also make program-related investments. Terms offered will be comparable to those in the community impact note.

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