Housing is regularly cited as one of the biggest challenges to the economic vitality of our region. It’s an issue that touches us all either directly, those of us who pay more than we can afford in rent, or indirectly, those of us who sit in traffic with thousands of commuters who have been forced out of the region to find affordable housing. And, the refrain we hear all too often – it’s a huge problem, it too big and there’s nothing we can do to help. Not so.

Housing Trust Silicon Valley’s TECH Fund creates innovative new opportunities for you to be part of the solution. By harnessing the collective resources of the high-tech sector, large employers and philanthropists and their desire to be part of effective problem-solving, the TECH Fund is a catalyst to create the affordable housing we need in the region. So far TECH Fund – which currently counts Cisco, Google, The Grove Foundation, LinkedIn, NetApp, the David & Lucile Packard Foundation, Pure Storage and Sobrato Family Foundation as investors – has so far raised $112 million and started over 2,400 housing opportunities across 22 developments. TECH Fund has even served as a model for new affordable housing initiatives like Microsoft’s housing investment in the Seattle area and Disney’s work in Orange County.

Housing Trust uses funds raised through the TECH Fund to provide start up capital for affordable housing. We make short-term loans (generally 1-3 years) to mission aligned developers for acquisition and predevelopment. Developers will repay these loans to Housing Trust when they close on their construction financing, allowing us to relend to new projects. At the end of 10 years, TECH Fund investors receive a modest return on their investment in addition to the original investment being repaid – all while having created 10,000 affordable housing opportunities.

There are two main options for investment in the TECH Fund, listed below. An investment in the TECH Fund is backed by Housing Trust, an AA- Standard & Poor’s rated organization.

Community Impact Note

Corporations, foundations and accredited investors can make a social investment through our community impact note. Investors choose between a 5-year note at 1.5% interest or 10-year note at 2% interest. We are seeking a minimum investment of $1 million.

Program-Related Investment

Foundations can also make program-related investments. Terms offered will be comparable to those in the community impact note.

Interested in learning more? Contact Julie Quinn at or 408.436-3450 x223.