Success Stories

A Home Touches More Lives Than One Family’s

Christian, who we were able to help buy a home through Santa Clara's Below Market Rate Program

Ever have a moment where your heart sinks only to feel it soaring moments later? One of our homeowners told us about his.

Christian, a homeowner who was able to purchase a home through Santa Clara’s below market rate (BMR) program administered by Housing Trust, attended Investor Briefing 2018 and told us his story: living in a duplex in early 2015 with his wife and two children, they were suddenly faced with rent doubling. Watching their savings get washed away in rent, they looked into the BMR program and spent, as Christian tells it, “months in a blur of paperwork and meetings.”

Christian’s most memorable moment came when, after he had all of the paperwork ready, he was told by Housing Trust staff there was someone in line in front of them. That was when his heart sank.

But it rose moments later, when it was discovered he had already taken the first-time homebuyer class. That was when the Housing Trust staffer said: “Well, since you’ve already taken the class and have all your paperwork, you’ve jumped to the top of the list. When can you look at the available homes?”

Christian and his wife Molly ultimately chose a 4 bedroom townhouse not far from where he grew up and within walking distance of a park. They have since had a third child and use the fourth bedroom to help foster youth. Working with the Bill Wilson Center, they have already hosted a 10 year-old girl for two months before she returned to her family and currently have a 15 year-old boy living with them.

Their home not only makes a difference in their lives but in all the lives they touch. Thank you for telling us your story at Investor Briefing, Christian!