Investor Briefing 2019 Update: Assemblymember David Chiu Joins as Featured Speaker!

Assemblymember David Chiu

Housing Trust is happy to announce Assemblymember David Chiu, who has represented the 17th district since 2014, as a featured speaker at Investor Briefing 2019 – coming up on Friday, March 29th.

Assemblymember Chiu is the chair of the Committee on Housing and Community Development. He has worked on housing from many angles including streamlining housing creation, increasing funding for affordable homes using and services for those experiencing homelessness, redevising development agencies, encouraging transit-oriented development, and more.

In his first four years of serving on the Assembly 48 of the bills he authored were signed by Governor Jerry Brown – among them legislation on sustainable transportation, assisting LGBT families, and of course housing.

Prior to the state assembly, Chiu served as President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for six years and authored 110 ordinances across a spectrum of policy areas during that period. He is married to Candice Chen – a public interest lawyer who represents refugee foster care youth and this month marks the second birthday of their son, Lucas.

Welcome Assemblymember Chiu!