Newly Funded

Just Funded in January!



Co-Developers: Black Cultural Zone Community Development Corporation (BCZ) and Eden Housing

Housing Trust Loan: $1.5 million

Proposed Units: 119

Population Served: Families

Located in the Eastmont neighborhood of Oakland near public transportation, Liberation Park is being developed as a joint venture between BCZ and Eden Housing. It will consist of 119 residences for families earning at or below 60% AMI. BCZ is a staunch advocate for the Black community in East Oakland and the project is embedded in the social-cultural fabric of the neighborhood.

The project will serve families, as well as preferences for: 

  1. Formerly incarcerated individuals who are exiting the justice system and those exited the justice system in prior years, but are still struggling to find stable housing due to their conviction history, and
  2. Families in the child welfare system for whom the absence of housing is an active barrier to family reunification.

Project amenities include in-unit energy efficient appliances, water-efficient design and appliances, water-efficient landscaping, solar panels, 100% electric appliances, and bike parking. It is also GreenPoint Rated. On-site services include child-care services, after-school programs and activities for children (K-12), early childhood development services, adult/continuing education, job assistance and workforce training, counseling and assistance, services for people with developmental differences, as well as services to reduce eviction and resident turnover.

Housing Trust provided a predevelopment loan of $1,500,000 to Black Cultural Zone Community Development Corporation (BCZ) and Eden Housing.

At Housing Trust, we recognize that it has been historically difficult for developers who are Black or Brown to access capital. We are committed to changing this. As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), we know that supporting developers from diverse backgrounds is transformative work—and will have a ripple effect on the communities that they serve. We are excited to be part of this new project!