Success Stories

Ms. Patti’s Story

Meet Ms. Patti! At 70 years old, Ms. Patti still loves to laugh. She is a mother of two, has two grandchildren, and is now one of the newest residents at PATH Villas at 4th Street in San Jose. Her career as a bakery manager was cut short by health issues, including seizures that left her unable to work. Ms. Patti lived with her sister-in-law for over 14 years and when she got sick and moved in with her sons, Ms. Patti had to couch surf with daughter and eventually began experiencing homelessness. She lived at several shelters in the Bay Area when PATH got her connected to an apartment of her own. Ms. Patti says she is in heaven here; she sleeps well, her health is improving, she is less stressed and enjoys onsite group classes and watching the sunset from her balcony. Welcome home, Ms. Patti!