Notifications to Clients About No In-Person Meetings

Dear First Time Homebuyer Clients, Realtors, Lenders, and Homeowners,

Housing Trust Silicon Valley will not be taking in-person meetings at this time. We are available to communicate with you via phone and email and kindly ask to please be patient with our response times. Below is our contact information:

Empower Homebuyers SCC (Santa Clara County’s Down Payment Assistance Program)

Email: empowerhomebuyersscc@housingtrustsv.org

Phone: (408) 703-3837 ext. 301

Website: www.housingtrustsv.org/empower

Homebuyer Empowerment Loan Program (HELP)

Email: homebuyer@housingtrustsv.org

Phone: (408) 703-3837 ext. 230

Website: www.housingtrustsv.org/help

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) Program

Phone: (408) 703-3837 ext. 308

Website: www.housingtrustsv.org/accessory-dwelling-unit-program

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Thank you,

Housing Trust Silicon Valley