More is More

Housing Trust Silicon Valley CEO, Kevin Zwick

Our CEO Kevin Zwick started the crowd off with laughter at his silly childhood photos. But he also ran through the challenges that still lay ahead and everything that’s been accomplished – none of which would have been possible without the support Housing Trust has received from corporate sponsors, philanthropic organizations, and just ordinary people who want to help out with housing.

Kevin highlighted some of what Housing Trust is working on, including our initiatives to help those experiencing homelessness (like the Finally Home Security Deposit Program and Supportive Housing Fund), the one-year anniversary of our affordable housing investment vehicle TECH Fund, our new down payment assistance program for homeowners, and the new initiative to encourage the construction of accessory dwelling units (ADUs). The accomplishments of the year have helped foster the efforts of ours and others to bring more resources to housing.

More is more was a theme in more ways than one: there were 540 registrants to Investor Briefing this year and a grand total of 55 sponsors – both of those figures records we celebrate this year but want to break the next.