Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going Next

Group shot

In addition to watching the summer roll in, June is the month the entire Housing Trust team has an offsite to talk about what we’ve been able to do and what we want to do when our new fiscal year begins in July.

This year we all met at the Hayes Mansion in San Jose where Naomi Chavez Peters from Greater Leader Consulting led us through our day – which included a fun exercise where we all wrote “six word bios” and tried to guess whose was whose. We also enjoyed a Housing Trust version of Jeopardy where knowledge of housing and finance-related acronyms and TECH Fund investors were good to have as the points and laughs were tallied.

In addition to the fun, we were thankful to all get together and be reminded of how small our team is and how much it has grown at the same time. Between creating our new ADU program and adhering to our ‘more is more’ theme throughout the past year, we’ve extended our reach a lot and will need your help more than ever as we head into the next fiscal year. Thanks for being part of our team!